Green Card Application

Who all can an US Green Card

Numerous individuals the world over aspire to become citizens of USA. The greater parts of individuals find it easier residing in such a nation having numerous well paying occupations and numerous chances of schooling, healthcare and additional matters. This is the reason behind a greater number of tourists and migrants scuttling for getting the green card.

This card that’s also referred to as DV is an everlasting residence visa. A person having this is able to reside forever in U.S.A. It presents the individual with the right of availing benefits that include health and schooling assistance and consent to work.

Numerous wonder the way of getting their green card and they should know that numerous ways of availing this are there. Though not all processes are simple with situations likely to vary among persons, it could be of use to be familiar with your options.

The foremost option is getting a straight company from USA.

An additional way of getting it is by having family members who’re either U.S. residents or holders of green cards. The person concerned may be your other half, kids, step child, step parent, / adopted youngster. A person has the option of checking with U.S. Immigration bureau on whether he/she would qualify.

Investors are offered the chance of getting this card on investing $500,000 in a money-making enterprise that’s going to be beneficial for the U.S. economy.

Nationals having resided continuously in USA from the 1st of January of 1972 are eligible for getting this card.

There’re also unique migrants who’re able to avail this card.

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