Green Card Application

What Green Card application entails and Lottery Application 2018

If you’ve any queries ahead of making an application for, renewing, or substituting the Green Card, you must make contact with USCIS.
Application for the Green Card

You must first know whether you’re entitled.

USCIS is going to make an assessment of your application and fix a discussion with you.

Having been issued, the green card of yours is going to be legitimate for a period of 10 years.

Renewal or substitution of the Green Card

Renewal of your Green Card is necessary in the event of your present card having expired or on the verge of expiring within the following six months.

Venture online for checking the position of your case making use of the receipt number of yours.

Be cautious of Scams

On you not being acquainted with visa, immigration, / green card procedure, scammers are going to try and make the most of you by acquiring your private information / your capital. Try and get to know about widespread immigration scams as well as identity fraud. You also have the option of filing an objection in the state you are in.

Substantiate Documents

You’ve the option of presenting a legal documentation issued in USA for use in a different nation. Such documents can consist of contracts, court orders, key records, as well as educational diplomas.

The way of getting a document substantiated is dependent on the explicit document, the state where it had been issued, and additional factors. Try checking with the DAA of your state and the Apostilles and Authentications page from DOS.

For getting additional information, particulars on a modus operandi, / status, give the DOS headquarters of Authentications a call at its toll free number.
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