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What Does It Cost To Build An Online Business

Would you believe that it will cost you absolutely nothing but your time?

That’s it, every thing you need to build your online business you can find for free on the internet. So, if you have started building your online business already and have been spending money STOP! It is time to rethink what you are doing online, that is unless you are already rolling in the money, then keep doing what you are doing.

But, this is not true of most people that start an online business, over 95% of people building an online business are not making any money, or so little that it is not worth their time.

Why is this? Because most people see pretty websites, listen to all the great promises, hear these wonderful testimonials, or find a product that they just love and think will be easy to sell.

Well put your credit cards in your wallet and put that wallet away. Do not spend a penny until you have done the research, tested the market and all those other things professionals do before selling a product, program or service!

Some of the basic things you should be thinking about when it comes to starting your online business are:

  • What are you going to market and why?
  • Who are you going to be marketing too?
  • Where online are you going to be marketing these things online?
  • Why is my marketing going to be better than anyone elses, and how will I make it stand out of the crowd?
  • How will I learn about my products/programs so that I will be an expert?
  • And, how is the best way to market the product/program that I want to market?

online business

Let’s get this straight right here and now – everybody that shows you a product or program online is showing you this product or program because they are in it to make money!

Seems obvious right? So when they tell you it’s the best, or that it’s easy to do, or that we have the best system, or what ever ‘pitch’ they are using it is because they are selling you their product/program!

Ohh and some of them sound so fantastic that you just know that you can do it too, right?

Hate to be the one to burst the proverbial bubble, but it does not work that way! Besides you being one of hundreds or even thousands that have also checked out the product/program and think in a similar way, you need to remember and think about this realistically, that you are starting and going to be building a business, yes a business!

Businesses just don’t happen, you don’t just recruit a few people and think ‘now I’m on my way’, well you can think it but don’t expect much, because you are building a business and, folks, it does not work that way.

Now for all of you that think yours is different, or you are different, I am very happy for you! And also, I will be here writing and sharing more insights from other leaders in the industry that started out in just the same manner, and what they did when they got slapped silly and started learning the truth about building an online business.

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