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USA Green Card Eligibility

You could be entitled to create Associate in Nursing application for positive identification via your clan, a career supply or service, migrant / asylum standing, or many further distinctive provisions. In a number of cases, you could even be free to self petition/ get a record made for everlasting residence. Overall, for meeting the prerequisites for everlasting residence USA, you have got to:

  • Be entitled for any of the migrant classes founded in the INA
  • Get a qualifying migrant request filed and granted for you
  • Get an migrant visa instantly accessible
  • Be permissible to USA
  • All requirements are detailed underneath.

Eligibility for a migrant class

Individuals keen on becoming migrants via their eligible family member, any career offer or service, / a special class will normally be grouped into classes on the basis of a preference method. Barring immediate family members of any U.S. resident who are offered the most immigration precedence and a number of additional exemptions, Congress has laid down a fixed number of visas that are usable yearly for all immigrant classes. The common classes are given beneath.

Family Based

There isn’t any limit to how many visas are utilizable in this class in a specific year. Immediate relatives consist of:

A U.S. citizen’s parents

His/her spouses

His/her Unmarried children aged less than 21 years

Job / service Based

Individuals keen on becoming immigrants on the basis of employment/ a career offer could make an application for everlasting residence/ a migrant visa overseas, whenever a migrant visa number is offered in line with the some preferences based on employment.

You can view such preferences online.

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