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The Beginning How to Find a Job for immigrants

For may of us getting to this country was not easy. It may have taken years to successfully apply for a visa. Now we are here and we want to succeed.. and we wonder: “Where do I start ?”

If your looking at this website than like most of us the first place you think of looking for a job is the internet via online job sites. We realize the internet is a powerful tool, we realize that there will be many job postings and opportunites for us to find employment on the internet. That being said, is finding a Job on the internet the best method, and is it the only method? These are the questions we will attempt to help you answer in this article.

Why many job seekers are drawn to the internet

  • There are many postings and job sites to look at
  • It is fast and easy, it can be done from home
  • We do not have to talk to anyone
  • No one can see us ( we can apply for jobs in our PJ’s)
  • We feel comfortable using the internet

Because of the above listed reasons many feel that using the internet is the best and only way to find a job. But is it? It is important to keep in mind who uses the internet to find employees? Generally it is the larger companies – these companies expect to receive hundreds of resumes and applications via the internet. How can you as an immigrant to Canada set yourself apart from the others? Are there spelling and grammar mistakes on your resume? Do you seem over qualified? One thing that can help to set you apart from others is by using alternative methods to find the employment you want.

What other options are there for finding a permanent job here in Alberta?

  • The Phone Book
  • Inquiring by Phone
  • The Fax Machine
  • Dropping of Resumes in Person
  • Job Fairs
  • Volunteering

While the internet is an important tool to help those new to Canada and Alberta find employment, it is very important to consider all of the options. You may be missing valuable opportunities to find the job you want! Sign up for our FaceBook page as we will explain how to use these alternative methods in our following articles.

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