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president Trump
Green Card immigration reforms

President Trump said he would make radical changes in the immigration law shown among the election promises. In particular, the immigration law applicable to Eastern countries and South American countries gives us some information about the size of this business. With the newly enacted law it is now becoming more difficult to obtain Green cards and migrate to the United States at the same time. In addition, the citizens of some countries have also been subjected to severely restricted, difficult visa steps to enter the United States.

Having a green card has become much more difficult now. Everyone will be able to apply as they wish, but it will not be as easy as the old one. Fighting with legal obligations is becoming more difficult, and now those who tend to be in this direction, have to think again.

According to the Immigration Act, which is new from the Congress, certain criteria have now come, or the old ones have become more aggravated. In addition, the period of stay up to 6 months has been very limited and has been reduced to 120 days. Those who have passed this period and have not left the country are on a heavy road.

Will the cards be canceled?

President Trump’s newly-enacted Immigration law has broken links with 7 Muslim countries. In this case, even if the people in these countries have a green card, their visas will be canceled and entry to this country will no longer be allowed.

The age of getting a Green Card looks like it will be replaced by a new regulation. In addition, the terms of reference of prior contact persons will be re-evaluated. Accordingly, everyone will now have to make their Green Card applications cleaner and more rigorous. In addition, people who are entitled to a visa will also be less likely to enter the country directly.  Also, visa control at airports will be made even more carefully.

In addition to President Trump’s visas and immigration, these difficulties, which he applies to Green Card holders, have already turned into a reaction and the Ministry of Justice has to act against this law.


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