Green Card Application

Step to apply to Green Card

People prefer America to live a better life. Sometimes to read, sometimes to make money, or to work. There are many ways to realize these dreams. Green card is one of them. Green card application is made by millions of people every year. Only 110,000 people are recruited from these applications. According to the last legislation, this number is likely to fall to around 55,000. In addition, citizens of some countries will not be able to benefit from this. You can access these topics by clicking on our other titles. Now, let’s take a look at the steps to apply to the Green Card, which is necessary for you to fulfill your dream.

First, the green card means the right to remain permanently or temporarily. You can apply for an 18 month green card to apply for temporary residence, or you can have permanent citizenship after completing 5 years. However, you will have to stay for 3 years for your partner. All of this has been explained more clearly by the new law.

The first step to make a green card application; First check that you meet the conditions, this green card is the most important step for your application. Among the conditions, you are not a citizen of the 7 countries in which you are over 21, have not committed any illegal offenses, have not been involved in crimes such as terrorism, manslaughter and have been denied.

Select your situation as the second stage. You can mark residence, study, study or other options. Complete your consular procedures as a 3rd stage. You will need to file an official application to the American Consulates in your country. In Step 4, post concurrent filing and postings to the required stubs by filling in application slips. 5 stages, question your ability to get a visa, otherwise you may not be able to come and your Green card may be canceled. As Step 6, you need to be familiar with the conditions of the asylum seeker. Step 7, you must obtain permission from the Department of Immigration and Internal Affairs.

After you have completed all the steps and processes above, you can go to America with your green card.

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