Green Card Application

Some facts about the US Green Card

The USA Permanent inhabitant Card, more universally referred to as Green Card, is the ID card of individuals residing everlastingly in the USA without being U.S. citizens. It’s the verification that the individual is officially acceptable for residing and working in USA and acquiring a greater number of the rights that U.S. citizen have. Originally it had the name of Alien Registration Receipt Card. Presently, it’s referred to as Permanent Resident Card / form I-551 / Green Card.

Due to the Permanent Resident Card being it was originally named “green card.” However, with the passing years, the color the card has undergone several changes. By the year of 2005, the lettering that is there at the backside of the card’s the sole prominent piece of it that’s green with the rest being white. The card consists of the name and snap plus additional info of the owner. It has also undergone several improvements for avoiding counterfeiting.

The regulation on the person having the green card is straightforward. When in USA, the person concerned must be in possession of the green card always. This is vital to evade dilemma on being asked by the USCIS official. This is a sole specific prerequisite of the regulation of USA.

Getting this card entails a comprehensive and lengthy process. It could even take several years before you have it.


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