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Immigration lawyer is the one that will help you if you have plans on visiting, working or transferring to another country and other circumstances. They are the one that will assist you, if ever you have some problems or queries on cases related to immigration such as refuge, political asylum, green cards, re-entry, citizenship, naturalization, deportation, visa or emigration issues and others.

Immigration laws considered large and complex, that is why the lawyer should have a wide or continuous knowledge because it changes from time to time. It’s a fact that there are many individual who wishes to immigrate in the U.S. that is why it is best to hire attorneys that are experienced to the field. They must also have the skill to expedite the process if immigration, wherein they can represent well the client even though they cannot speak English because of the language barrier.

There are several things to consider before choosing your immigration attorney which means, he or she understands very well your case or related to it, so that they can provide you the best help you’ll need. There are also some areas that immigration lawyers, immigration law firms must specialize in laws like NAFTA or the North American Free Trade Agreement or L1 a petition for a non-immigrant workers visa, H-1B, a petition wherein the employer will get employees from abroad, E-2, a visa given to treaty investors, B1 or B2 are visas for green cards, business visitors and certifications. Your immigration & naturalization law lawyer then can analyze the circumstances and make any proposal what to do.

Furthermore, there are also some issues or cases that immigration solicitors can help on like I.N.S. or Immigration and Naturalization. If the involved person was under the naturalization and had been jailed, the criminal lawyer as well as the immigration lawyer can work on the proceedings. It is a condition where both the immigration and criminal law involved.

Moreover, the papers involved in immigration are very important one because if the papers did not meet all the requirements or supporting documents needed for immigration, the processing time could be delayed. The immigration lawyers should make sure that before they file the papers and documents needed, the papers are complete and well-organized. As you know the laws of immigration changes every time, you will never know what added requirements they will ask for you. Added to that, the refilling of immigration fees are very costly and also can slow the process of application. So, it is best that you hire an immigration attorney that can help you avoid that.

Focused Lawyers or Worldwide Law Firm?

Law Firms either deal with a single niche, such as Tax Law Firms focusing on taxation cases, or the offices have legal specialists from most areas. Some firms have multiple offices nationwide. Your needs as a client determine if you select one of the Specialist or Larger Law Offices. As with any service, the provider’s relationship is often of almost as much or greater than the skills or resources the attorney can bring to your case.

“Not all Attorneys work for themselves. There are other organizations they may work with.”

Special Interest Attorney?

Some driven attorneys manage high profile issues such as criminal or perhaps human rights game changers. These Crusading Attorney focus on hot issues and so chose trials that could change how big social matters.

In-House Lawyers

Lawyers can be employed permanently for a single client. If the client is a organization, the Lawyer is known as “house counsel”, and so usually advises the company concerning legal issues related to business matters. These issues might involve government regulations, property agreements, patents, general contracts, or collective-bargaining agreements with unions.

Government Lawyers

Many attorneys work for governments. The levels of governments can range from parish to county up to state and federal and international. In America, some attorneys work for and public defenders in criminal courts. At the Federal level, lawyers work files for the DoJ and other agencies.

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Are you looking for legal professional? If so you have come to the right place. There are many legal professionals across the USA. They are found in small towns up to Metropolises such as NYC, LA, Dallas Fort Worth , and more.

What Types of Attorney?

Services provided by lawyers range from civil law, divorce, corporate, debt, elder, immigration, human resources, criminal, environmental, real estate, tax, probate, and more. There are also legal clerk and paralegals for such matters as DWI.

Are Attorneys and Lawyers the Same Thing?

Yes, in the USA Lawyer and Counsel are interchangeable. In the UK the correct term is solicitor, although lawyer is becoming more popular. The same goes for places such as Canada and India who respect the British Legal System. Other places use different words but in general, thanks to US legal shows, everywhere you may go the legal advisors are refered to as Lawyers. Barristers and QCs are highly respected of Lawyers in Canada and other former British Colonies.

What do Attorneys Do?

In OECD, such as the USA, many levels of government provides the basis of agreements between individuals, and of the societies social contract. Wherever there are laws, and room for interpretation, are for skilled Attorneys. Immigration Lawyer

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Citizenship is the status of being a citizen in a certain country, which means you are born naturally in that nation and you have the right to vote or other privileges that a non-citizen can do. However, you can change your citizenship particularly called as “naturalization” process. You can be a U.S. Citizen after acquiring a visa-petition and a green card or permanent status. Some of the requirements to become a U.S. citizen are you must stay in the country at least 5 years legally, must have a good moral character and can able to understand the laws of the U.S. In this occasion it is best to consult a immigration advocate or naturalization lawyers. They are the best person that can help and assist you if you wanted to be U.S. citizen.


Deportation is an action that can be made by the authorities of U.S. immigration on a certain foreign-born person from the United States. It means that the authorities have the power to send back a person to his or her home country if proven that they make an action which lead to the grounds of deportation. Some of the grounds for deportation are criminal offenses; unauthorized participation in the election in the U.S., falsification of public documents particularly the green card and other serious concerns. In the event that when someone was threatened to be deported due to some grounds, the immegration lawyer can assist that individual wherein they can use several defenses to avoid deportation.

Permanent Visa or Green Cards

Permanent Visa or commonly known as green cards are type of visa that will allow you to stay in the United States for a certain period of time. For you to be able to get a green card, you must first have a U.S. employer or immediate family member from the country that will give you a petition-visa. Visa lottery is also one common way on how you can get green card, if you wish to be included in the draw you can consult a visa lottery lawyer as well as green card lawyers, they can help you know the basics if you wish to have green card.

Temporary Visas

Temporary visa or commonly known as non-immigrant visa. It is a type of visa that is being used by students, businessman, foreign reporters or press and other highly talented individuals needed in the country. However, if you have non-immigrant visa, it means that you can just stay for a certain period of time. If you stay beyond your expiration date, you may face a serious problem with the immigration authority. Immigrant Attorneys can give you some insights regarding the temporary visa.

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