Immigration Law

Legal prerequisites for getting a Marriage-Based Visa

On you being married to any U.S. national / everlasting resident, you’re free to make an application for U.S. legitimate everlasting residence, another name for which is wedding -based migrant visa /green card. For being qualified under U.S. migration decree, you as well as your spouse have got to show:

• That you’ve been married legally

• That your wedding is authentic

• Evidence of the U.S. nationality / legitimate everlasting resident status of petitioning spouse, and

• that none of you have any other marriages.

Below we are going to discuss the first of such issues

You have got to be legally wedded

To meet the requirements for a wedding-based visa / green card, you have got to be legally wedded. A lawful wedding is officially accepted by the administration of the nation/r state where you got married. This typically implies that an authorized documentation of your wedding’s been made or is obtainable from any administration office.

This is reason why domestic partnerships, where a couple resides jointly without having made their relationship formal, aren’t generally known for migration purposes. Nevertheless, In the event of you having resided jointly in any place that acknowledges universal law weddings, you could be successful in showing that you fulfilled the prerequisites for your wedding to be lawfully accepted in that specific state / country.

It is not necessary that you be wedded in USA for your wedding to be regarded as legal. It’s entirely okay if you wed in your home nation / in some additional destination that you prefer. Various wedding procedures are also likely to be acknowledge that cover the gamut from cathedral weddings to routine tribal practices, provided that they’re branded as legitimate in the concerned country.

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