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Issues Facing Cross Border Couples


An American meets a Canadian. They marry, or they want to get married or just live together. What could be more natural? But oddly enough, this situation is one of the most complex areas of immigration law. Complete answers require a thorough understanding of the immigration laws of both countries. There are all sorts of dangers to be avoided.

For example, both countries have laws that prohibit the sponsorship of a spouse where there was a marriage of convenience, that is to say, a marriage to get immigration status.

So, first and foremost, it is important for the marriage to be a real one. But that may not be enough. It must not only be real, but also appear to be real. Such issues require cross-border couples to understand the options, procedures and dangers entailed in cross-border marriage sponsorship applications. This article will provide a brief introduction to the immigration law that deals with sponsoring a spouse for an American green card or for a

Canadian maple leaf card (that is to say, for permanent residence in one country or the other). While it is most relevant to US-Canada cross-border couples, the immigration rules apply to in-bound spouses from anywhere else in the world as well.

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