Immigration Situation

Immigrants, Immigration Situation

In the rest of the world, the American dream is growing like an avalanche. People want to work, live and study in the United States. Every year this number and desire is increasing. The United States opens up to 110,000 citizenship gates each year. This year, with President Trump this number will decrease slightly, but will continue to receive immigrants. It was also very easy to get American citizenship through a lottery of people applying for green cards.

Immigrants have a number of rights, like other citizens. But they do not have the full rights. However, permanent citizenship is an exception. In this case, those who have migrated through Green Card or other legal or illegal means have a number of rights and duties. At the beginning of these there is a compulsory tax payment. Like every citizen, permanent Green card holders have to pay taxes. However, they are entitled to receive social security numbers known as National security numbers and have the status of other citizens.

Immigrants can not be deported and deported, except in unlawful ways and not infecting offensive crimes. However, they have the same rights as other citizens. In our previous writings, we searched for questions such as the green card, the green card application, where and how. By looking at those headings, you can find answers to all questions about the green card.

Immigrants, if they are married, can take their mates with them at the end of 3 years. However, there is an obligation to apply separately for children over the age of 21.

Immigrants have the right to work in all business and government agencies. Besides that, they also have the rights to read, to have knowledge and to choose.

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