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Immigration Law: Marriage

Marriage based immigration, I am doing a research about status of foreigners who want to immigrate to other countries. The question frequently asked is if their marriage type is allowed in the U.S. but unfortunately not all types of marriages are allowed or acceptable. I know that many people would want to live the American dream and fulfill their fantasies in this country that is why they apply to different agencies to go with the immigration process. Yet, entering America is not that easy. Immigration Marriage

There are many things and requirements that you need to comply and laws that you must know and follow. So for whatever reason that you want to immigrate, it is vital that you are knowledgeable enough with what you are doing and that the agency you are applying for to work your papers are credible and know what they are doing.

As I have mentioned earlier, it is not that easy to move to another country. It is time consuming and can get pretty messed up if you have not complied the necessary requirements that hey are asking from you so better study their laws because for sure what they have in America is different from that in your own country. As much as it needs a lot of time, effort and money are the other important things that you should have. Even if you are paying the agency to work everything out for you, it is always best to follow up from time to time and ask questions if you do not understand the processes.

So in my study, I enumerated some of the marriage types that are unrecognized and invalid in the U.S and might not contribute to immigration benefits and they are the common law marriage, the customary marriage, the polygamous marriage and the proxy marriage. But there cases wherein they become valid and that is if for example they are accepted by the civil authorities considered legal in the last place where they reside. Better yet to ensure everything, talk to a immigration solicitors who has knowledge regarding these issues.

I am not yet through with my research and I still have to draw some conclusions regarding on the information that I have gathered. But is nice that this study has given me the chance to know a lot of legal matters particularly in America. Immigration as become so difficult as times pass by and they always change policies and that does not exclude marriage issues but just follow the laws and I guess you will be okay.

Immigration Marriage Visa

There are many people who would do anything just be with their loved ones. Immigration Marriage VisaIt is not easy when your special someone perhaps your girlfriend or boyfriend or wife or husband is in some faraway countries like the U.S. Long distance relationship is difficult that is why they file for the application of fiancée or spouse visa in order to make the entire immigration process fast. So these to types of visa have one thing in common and that is marriage, either they are already married or will get married. In this way, they can be reunited or start a new life in America. 

Not only those who are in a long distance relationships are applying for immigrant visas in the U.S. Actually there are a lot of foreigners who wish to stay there for good. Perhaps, they want to seek for a greener pasture or they just simply want to continue living heir life there. But we all know that immigration is quite a difficult process Sometimes it eve reach a point wherein several years have already passed and you have not migrated yet or you visa will come when you are already old and perhaps at that time you might have second thoughts. 

Others are also applying for a working visa but this kind is not permanent. You are usually given just a few years to be able to stay in America and you will be sent back to your own country because your main purpose here is only to work. And so once your contracts is finished, it depends on the employer if they wish for you to extend or send you home first and just reapply for another. You might go to America fast but then you will be sent home after several years and applying again would be such a nuisance. However, you are lucky if you have a fiancée or a spouse in America already because marriage is one aspect that is being looked through and considered by the Immigration agency and this way you can be assured of fast processing as long as you meet the requirements they are asking from you. 

Immigration is a long process if you undergo the usual one in order to acquire an immigrant visa but surely there are ways in order to speed up everything. As long as you are following their policies and laws, it will just come smoothly to you. And of course America does not want the person to be away from their spouse or fiancée so this case is very special and they will consider it. Just comply all the requirements that are necessary and avoid making any fraudulent documents particularly about marriage because this will definitely not do you any good. 

Immigration Marriage Divorce


There are a lot of issues that can affect immigration. So many immigrants flock in every state of the U.S each year and some of them are already married. When one has obtained his status as a immigrant through marriage, there are several things that you need to know which can affect the entire immigration process. This is not easy as you will be facing legal matters and that means you have to undergo a lot of proceedings. Certain laws tackle different issues relevant to immigration and a lawyer is needed who is knowledgeable with the immigration process to help you deal with this. 


I have a friend who achieved her immigrant visa to America through less than two years of marriage. When she entered the U.S, she received a conditional permanent residence status which only lasts for two years. However, during the two year period, their marriage was already on the brink of falling and divorce was the only solution. Indeed, they got divorced and it became difficult for her as she was about to be deported back to the original country where she lives. There were requirements that she needed to comply so like filing for the god faith waiver. I know there were a lot of problems she had to face and I did not hear from her ever since.

I have also heard a lot of foreigners using marriage in order to obtain full residency status. They get married with a resident and live for two years and get divorced after. Imagine going through all this for the price of the status you want to obtain. Some perhaps do not even know each other and they just make agreements that they will pretend they are really married. They have to sleep in the same bedroom and show evidences that their marriage is genuine and based on love because they will continuously be investigated. Sometimes this works for other people and sometimes others get caught so I do not thin that this is a good idea after all.

Marriage and divorce are important issues tackled by the Immigration. Like what I said earlier, expect that the entire process is not easy. As a matter of fact, thousands of immigrants to the U.S are not safe as policies and laws regarding immigration are very strict. You have to abide and comply with the requirements that they are asking from you so if you really want to go through with the process, think carefully.

Immigration Marriage Fraud

We all know that laws are made in order to be followed and so anything that goes against is considered a crime. It has become a trend nowadays in the U.S that a number of foreigners are engaged in a immigration marriage fraud and it is increasing every year. Their main purpose of doing so is for them to be able to stay in the United States and this has caused an alarm among the members of the American national security. Moreover, there are certain penalties that await those arrested people and that there is a fine of $250,000 or imprisonment of five years. 

Marriage Fraud

Basically I have heard a lot of news about this from other countries and as a citizen of America I know I have duties and responsibilities that I need to fulfill. This includes reporting those who are involved in this act and that is if I happen to know or encounter someone. As I have known, I need to first gather some details of suspected individuals and that includes knowing their names and contact numbers as well as proofs or evidences that are credible. I also need to have a good knowledge about laws before I report this case to the authority. 

There are things that I need to do first before making some serious actions. I have to know what makes marriage a fraud before I contact the government. Next, it will not be believable if I do not have any evidences that can prove my accusations. So I really need to gather proofs and after which that is the time that I communicate with the Immigration and Customs Enforcement. I have to expect that I will be asked several questions and even be challenged with my suspicions and I really have to be patient about it. 

As I know, I could also report cases of suspected immigration marriage fraud to the FBI. In that way, I know that I am a responsible citizen and I am doing the best that I could in participating with the government laws and policies. Personally, I do not think it is fair because if the foreigners really want to stay in America they have to undergo legal processes because even if they might find that difficult at least they are not breaking any laws and will avoid facing problems in the future. It is always better to opt for the sure and safe way no matter how long you have to wait.

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