Green Card Application

Green card winners results this year

Green Card Visa Lottery Winners and Results

The United States annually provides partial citizenship with a green card to increase the diversity of nations in the country. This card, in general, allows you to use most of the citizenship’s rights, even if it is not fully citizenship.

With Green Card, the number of citizens with a population of less than 50.000 will apply for a green card in order to approximate this figure. After receiving the Green Card preliminary application, the person’s general characteristics and reliability test are questioned. Then, with a draw, the list of people who qualify for a green card is listed.

You can realize a listing of printed positive identification winners on several sites and also the official web site of the u. s. of America.

This year green card winners can interrogate their inquiries by entering their name, surname, birthday and e-mail address as well as the application number.

Winners may complete applications by completing the required documents at designated dates and may be subject to United States citizenship procedures.

With the green card, you will be able to say hello to a perfect future. With this card, you will protect both the citizenship of the country you are in and the official status of citizenship in the United States. Why do not you be the lucky person among millions of people every year? As soon as you do your application and take your place among the thousands of winners. You can check out your case at .

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