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Green card – what is it and who all may be eligible for it

Green Card: What is it?

Also referred to as ‘Permanent Resident Card‘, this card’s issued by government of USA for granting the entire non-US residents the authority of residing and working in USA on an everlasting basis. This card serves the purpose of a ‘pass’ to all of its holders to avail numerous of the benefits that the citizens of the country enjoy.

All of the people who possess the green card have the right to take up an occupation, do any study and also get a business going as any citizen the country is able to. Green card has a validity period of 10 years. You have the option of renewing it for an additional 10 years.

Who all may be eligible For the Green Card?

This card could be avaialed by all of the people who are presently residing in USA via the procedure termed “Adjustment of Status.” It is also able to be availed by all of the people residing outside USA via “Consular Processing”. ‘Adjustment of Status’ happens to be the term made use of for the appeal filed for the alteration of nonimmigrant to immigrant standing by a person who’s already living in USA. Applying for this card is a rather complex and dreary procedure that involves a great deal of documentation.

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