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How Can I Check My Green Card Status?

When an individual first applies for a green card in the United States it can take many years to get one unless they have applied for the Green Card Lottery or they have a family member living in the United States. This is a process that is on a first come first served basis in order to make sure everyone’s application is processed.

In order to check on your status you will need an idea of the processing time it takes from application to final approval. According to the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services the best way to check green card status is to go to their website. They list every application that they are currently working on and they list the date that the individual applied and their status. They do this for each USCIS service center.

In order to keep things fair all cases of the same type are processed in the order that the Immigration Services office receives them. They will then send out a letter to let each individual know whether their case was accepted, rejected or whether they need to send more information.

The challenge with the processing time is that it will be difficult to predict your green card status because the list is too long. There is no way of knowing how many cases came before you and how many you will have to wait to be processed before your application comes up.

Another way to check on your green card status is to call the customer service number listed on their website. They can give a better idea of the time when you give them your specific information. Processing times can also change as they continue to work on many visas. So, it is a good idea to check periodically.

Many visa applications that are received get a receipt number. This number is what you will use to check your green card status whether you go online or call customer service. With your receipt number you can check online for the most up to date green card status information.

There are two things to keep in mind when you are checking green card status:

  • Your case is most likely in the pending pile because they are working on other applications. This means that you may have to wait until they get to the end of the current processing time.
  • They will give you only basic information about your case because they are processing applications. They cannot do a thorough investigation to find out the exact green card status of each individual.

When you make your application some people will receive an “A” number that does not correspond to their green card status. This is just a number that corresponds to your account number. This will not let you track your application or get information from customer service.

Accelerated Processing

The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services has an accelerated processing if you have filled out form I-129. In other cases they can only decide to take a case out of its original order if there is a life or death situation, or if there is another type of emergency. They do not like to do this but if their processing will have an effect on the emergency situation they will consider accelerating your green card status.

Although they offer this opportunity it is very restrictive and they very rarely grant an accelerated green card status based on an emergency. This keeps the application process and the green card status processing fair for all applicants.

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