Different Options for an American Visa

E-2 Investor Visa Options

As for so many other foreign nationals, your best & only chance for a long-term stay in the U.S. may be through application for an
investor visa (E-2).

Become an owner of an existing or newly created business in the United States: your business options are virtually unlimited

Invest capital into this business (usually no less than $80,000.-, but a higher investment qualifies you more easily)

Develop & operate an active business that will manufacture a product or provide a service and will create jobs for U.S. workers

Be personally in charge, responsible for the development and direction of your U.S. investment

The E-2 visa is issued to nationals from countries that have signed a treaty with the U.S. It is renewable for as long as the business qualifies and the investor justifies the need for his/her presence in the U.S.

Are you officially recognized for your work or talent ?

Recognized “Extraordinary Abilities” Visa Options

If you are recognized as having special abilities or talents which may be considered of interest to the United States, you could have several U.S. visa options.

Foreign nationals with recognized “extraordinary abilities” in the fields of science, art, education, sports, and business, may apply for a temporary

Are you a skilled worker?

EB-3 Skilled Worker Options

As a skilled worker you may be granted permanent residence status (Green Card) based on employment EB-3, if you have a job offer in the United States and you qualify through the Labor Certification Process. You do not need to work for the employer when the application is made.

This process essentially establishes that no qualified U.S. worker can be found at the time to fill the vacant position, and that the employment of a foreign national will not have negative consequences for similarly employed U.S. workers.

The “skilled worker” category comprises

Professional workers, namely aliens with the equivalent of a Bachelor’s university degree and those who are members of a profession, such as a computer analyst.

Skilled workers, such as carpenters, a category that is defined more by the requirement of the position than by the education or experience of the potential worker. These jobs require at least two years experience.

The Labor Certification application is always made by the employer on behalf of the employee. In the EB-3 category of eligibility, Labor Certification is always a requirement.

Visa options for a whole family

Getting into business in Florida

Who can qualify as


Who qualifies for an H-1B visa?

For Workers in “Specialty Occupations”

Every day non-U.S. residents contact our Law Firm to ask the following question: “I would like to live (or work) in the U.S. Is there any way I can qualify?”

The following examples may be helpful to readers in evaluating their chances. Please keep in mind that this article is giving general information and not specific legal information to you personally. It is recommended that you consult an Immigration attorney to discuss your personal situation.

Visa Lottery

Every year the U.S. State Department holds a Diversity Immigrant Visa Lottery for persons from countries with low rates of immigration to the United States.

Each year the Department of State revises and adjusts the list of countries that qualify to participate in the lottery.

The “Green Card Lottery” makes available 50,000 permanent resident visas (“green cards”) for people who qualify.

In order to qualify, foreign applicants need to be 18 years of age or older. They must have a high school degree or equivalent, or at least two years of work experience in a skilled profession.

For additional help, please answer the questions on our “Do YOU Qualify?” page. Selecting an answer will take you through the various options avalable in applying for a Green Card or Visa.

Das Tor nach Amerika bleibt offen.

Viele qualifizierte Arbeitnehmer und Geschäftsleute haben eine Reihe von Möglichkeiten, in der USA legal zu leben und zu arbeiten.
Unsere Firma hilft folgenden Interessenten ein Visum zu beantragen: Geschäftsinhabern, Investoren, Persönlichkeiten die wegen ihrer Leistungen oder Talente anerkannt sind, Spezialisten und Ausländer in leitenden Funktionen.

La Puerta a América sigue ABIERTA!

Muchas personas de todas partes del mundo encuentran que la puerta a los Estados Unidos sigue abierta porque hay muchas opciones para personas que son profesionales y comerciantes para entrar en los Estados Unidos, trabajar, y vivir aquí legalmente.
Nuestro Bufete ayuda a los propietarios de negocios, inversionistas, personas que han sido reconocidas por sus logros o sus talentos, trabajadores que tienen una especialidad (en inglés, “specialty workers”), y otras personas extranjeras que son sumamente calificadas o que son gerentes, a solicitar un visado para los Estados Unidos.

The Door to America remains OPEN

Many people from all over the world find the door to the U.S. still open because there are a number of options for professional & business people to enter the U.S., to work and live here legally.
Our Firm assists business owners, investors, people who have been recognized for their achievements or talents, specialty workers, and highly-skilled or managerial foreign nationals in applying for a U.S. Visa.

“The hiring of a professional is a very important call that ought to not be only based mostly upon advertisements. Before you choose, raise USA to send you free written info regarding our qualifications and skill.”


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