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Can you make a passive income with the internet

I’ve been considering this same question for the last few years. On several occasions I’ve done some research, written out a plan of attack, but always at some point before I get a chance to act on it, something big happens and I have to put the passive income idea on to the back burner. Many, if not all of these seismic, show stopping events were work related, those so called rare pushes to keep a customer happy, which work requiring 110% focus, long hours and many weeks or months to resolve.

For me, these reasons for not going ahead have gone, as I lost my job in January. The only decision left to make is, should I go and get another ‘proper’ job, get back into the rat race or finally having ago at making an income from the Internet.

I don’t have too much to loose, so of course I will step up. I’m lucky enough to have a few months worth of spare cash to burn while I give it ago. After that I’ll have to sit down and decide, does it look like I can make a go of it or not. A few months should give me enough time to try my hand at building up some web sites and to go some way to finding out what works and what doesn’t. If nothing else and this experiment fails, at least I won’t be kicking myself a year from now, slogging away at another 9 to 5 job, wondering if I could now be working a few hours each day, on a beach, living off passive income streams.

I have 5 or 6 site ideas I wish to try out, from very simple WordPress sites to custom written web sites. I’m not expecting much to happen from most of them, but I’ll only need one to show potential to keep the show on the road. As I build up these web sites and hopefully some income, I shall share my experiences on this site. I shall also use this web site to keep track of useful things I find that I currently use or plan on using. In the future I can refer back here, to remind myself how I did such and such, but hopefully the site should be a genuinely helpful resource for others who wish to follow.

I don’t plan on initially sharing too much about these other sites on here, as I don’t want to artificially affect their stats. Once they get establish or I find they aren’t working, I shall share it all on here, both the good and the bad.

I shall be writing the initial blog posts on the basics of how to get started on (hopefully) generating an online income. I have an interesting few months ahead; it would be great to hear from others who are also trying their hand at this.

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