A few conditions that may not qualify for a visa

A number of Conditions that are likely to make you not qualified For the US Green Card/ Visa

Definite conditions are set up by USA’s Immigration and Nationality Act, which the applicant must meet before the requisite visa is able to be issued. There’re a number of conditions / “Ineligibilities” that are able to be cause to be the migrant not being entitled for the green card / visa. Such not entitled conditions are mentioned in INA and additional laws in the subject of immigration.

“We are going to go though some below.”

Health-associated grounds

An unfamiliar person who’s discovered with an infectious ailment poses a considerable hazard to communal health.

An unknown person who has made an application for a visa/ for everlasting residence while not being able to supply any documents regarding vaccines that he/she’s taken formerly. The vaccines happen to be for ailments that are preventable via the taking of vaccinations. A number of the ailments that have been advised vaccinations by Immunization Practices’ the Advisory Committee include Measles, Rubella, Mumps, Tetanus, Polio, Pertussis, Diphtheria, Hepatitis B, and Influenza type B besides additional ailments that are preventable through the administration of vaccines.

An unknown person can be considered ineligible if in discussion with Attorney General and with bearing to the regulations stipulated by Secretary of Health & Human Services that person:

• Is found having a bodily, psychological or any additional behavior that does pose a peril to the protection and interests of additional residents,/r

• Is found as displaying a bodily or psychological disorder / a history that is traceable to the disorder, pointing to an underlying behavior that is able to pose a protection peril to other people through damaging conduct.

• Is found as an addict of drugs / medically risky substances.


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